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5 Healthy Tips to Lose Weight Quick

5 Healthy Tips to Lose Weight Quick

This is a question we get asked daily and funnily enough, we not only have the answer but the solution 😉 Losing weight fast is generally brought on by a holiday, wedding, special event. We get that, so below are some tips on how to lose weight fast, in a healthy and manageable way: 

  1. During periods of rapid weight loss, only choose snack foods which are low in carbs, high in fibre or contain a source of protein such as low starch raw vegetables and salads, tuna, chicken, plain yoghurt, cottage cheese and lean meat. This will not only assist to keep you feeling more satisfied but also to keep your blood sugar levels down (and that evil fat storage hormone called insulin) for maximum weight loss.

  2. Keep well hydrated with plain water because as little as 1-2 per cent dehydration can lead you to confusing thirst for hunger and can reduce your overall metabolism by around 5-10%.

  3. Fill your plate every day and night with at least 2 cups of low starch vegetables and salads to help stretch the stomach at meal times, enabling a stronger feeling of fullness whilst you adjust to smaller portions of the main part of meals. These foods don’t contribute significant calories or carbohydrates but do make your body work hard to break them down thereby increasing metabolism.

  4. Focus on only including ‘essential foods’ in your diet and forget about the rest for at least 90% of the time, for example, do you really need that chocolate muffin at afternoon tea or would a few tablespoons of hummus/tzatziki dip with raw veggies do the trick instead?

  5. Unfortunately exercise alone will not result in weight loss but when combined with a healthy calorie restricted diet, just 30 minutes of low-moderate intensity activity (walking/Pilates) or just 10-15 minutes of high intensity exercise (interval training/cycling/running) most days will:

    - Promote the release of happy hormones (endorphins) in the body which make you feel good and assist you to stick to the diet.

    - Assist with increasing metabolism.

    - Maintain lean body mass
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