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Healthy Bones

Healthy Bones

During Healthy Bones Action Week, we're focusing on the foundation of your body's strength – your bones. It's a perfect time to dive into the significance of calcium, vitamin D, and exercise in maintaining robust bone health, especially while you're on your health journey with us. 

Why Calcium, Vitamin D, and Exercise Matter: 

Calcium is like the building blocks of your bones, while vitamin D helps your body absorb that calcium efficiently. But it doesn't stop there – exercise steps in, stimulating bone growth and enhancing their strength. Together, they create a trio that paves the way for strong and healthy bones. 

Meeting your calcium requirements whilst using our programs  

If you don’t provide your body with the calcium it needs, it will take calcium from your bones. Some people have increased risk of calcium deficiency, so it is important to be aware of how to meet your calcium requirements whilst still meeting your weight loss goals.  

People with increased calcium requirements  

  • Peri-menopausal and menopausal women 
  • Crohn’s Disease 
  • Coeliac Disease 
  • Lactose maldigestion and intolerance 

Calcium requirements for Adults  

Recommended daily calcium intake Women  


Calcium Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) mg/day  

19 – 50 

1000 – 1,300  




Recommended daily calcium intake Men 


Calcium Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) mg/day 

19 - 70 





Dietary sources of calcium 

  • Dairy foods such as milk, yoghurt and cheeses, are very high in calcium, which can be easily absorbed. They have the additional advantage of being good sources of phosphate and high-quality protein –which also benefit bone health.  
  • Other food sources of calcium include green vegetables (e.g., broccoli, curly kale, bok choy); whole canned fish with soft, edible bones such as sardines or pilchards; nuts (almonds in particular); tofu products set with calcium, and certain mineral waters. 

Our Be Rapid programs provides you with approx 900mg calcium per day  

Recommendations whilst on a Be Fit Food program to boost your calcium intake 

  • Add a calcium-protein snack as your second snack, see examples below 
  • Add calcium containing vegetables to meals  
  • Choose high calcium meals from our program, such as our Mixed Berry Bircher (260.3mg) or Baked Bean & Feta Bowl (198.8mg) 

Calcium/Protein Snacks  

  • 1 cup/250ml skim milk or milk alternatives (almond/lite soy) 
  • Low fat yogurt (150g/ 2/3 cup): Chobani FIT (yogurt/flip range), YoPro (yogurt/icecreams), ProCal 
  • Low fat Cheese (2 slices/40g): Bega Super Slim, South Cape Tasmanian reduced fat feta, 3 wedges Laughing Cow Light, Dairylea 97% fat free slices 
  • 1 small latte 


  • 100ml full fat cream/yogurt (no added sugar) 
  • 150g No added sugar Greek yogurt: Aldi protein greek yogurt, Farmers union geek high protein 0.2% fat, Woolworths SKYR, ProCal Icelandic SKYR, Chobani fat free greek 
  • 100ml kehfir no added sugar (any brand) 
  • 100g/½ cup low fat cottage cheese or extra light cream cheese