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Healthy Menu Items When Dining Out

Healthy Menu Items When Dining Out

Strictly sticking to the Be Rapid or Be Lean programs is all good and well in theory. However, social events and special occasions arise and we understand you can’t always carry your BFF meals with you everywhere! It is important you still enjoy the social aspect of eating, but there are more sensible and healthier choices you can make. This allows you to continue on your weight loss journey without taking two steps forward and one step back every time you go out for dinner or celebrate a birthday.

We advocate living a low carbohydrate lifestyle. This can be a little more challenging when eating out, but not impossible! We have some handy tips and tricks to help you when ordering meals out.

  1. Plan ahead! Look up the menu before you go. This means you can decide what you are going to eat ahead of time and can choose a healthy and balanced meal option.
  2. Look for salads! Choose salads that have lots of leafy greens and lean protein (e.g. chicken breast, steamed fish, tofu). You can ask for the dressing on the side!
  3. If your meal comes with chips on the side, ask to swap it for a side salad or some non-starchy vegetables.
  4. If you’re going out for breakfast, try poached eggs with some healthy sides such as spinach, smoked salmon and mushrooms.
  5. If your meal is quite big (compare it to the size of your BFF meals) eat half of it and ask to take the other half home! You will then have an extra meal as well; it’s a win win!



  • Many of these restaurants offer vegetable and meat stir-fry. Look for stir-frys that are made of mostly non-starchy vegetables and lean meat.
  • Avoid stir-frys that are made with sweet sauces or deep fried meats. It is also a good idea to steer clear of prawn crackers and fried rice.
  • You can eat these without any rice, or just have a couple of tablespoons.


  • Italian can be a difficult one as it is often high in carbohydrates. They often have options other than pizza and pasta though!
  • Try a Caesar Salad or a chicken breast dish with steamed vegetables or salad on the side.
  • You can always share a small pizza with a friend- just eat one piece and order a side salad. Everything in balance and moderation!


  • Seafood is a great option for dining out! Eat all of the seafood!
  • Steamed, seared, grilled or baked fish (not deep fried or battered)- fish, oysters, clams, mussels, crab, lobster, salmon… you name it!
  • Pair your seafood up with a big leafy green salad!


  • Mexican is renowned for tortilla chips and wraps and rice! But most Mexican restaurants now offer some really great healthy options.
  • Try a naked burrito bowl (burrito without the wrap). Limit the amount of rice and beans you have to a couple of tablespoons, and enjoy the lean meat, vegetable, salad and guacamole additions!


  • Choose a burger that has lean meat rather than a meat patty, such as chicken breast. You can have all the salad and vegetables inside that you like!
  • Most burger places have an option on the menu, but you can ask for a bunless burger! Most places will serve it on a bed of leafy greens or even make it for you in lettuce cups or on a large field mushroom!
  • Grill’d has a low carb bun option too!


  • Curry is a hard one because there are often a lot of hidden nasties! Try to avoid naan rice and the sweet chutneys, and limit your rice to just a couple of tablespoons.
  • Choose a curry that is made with lean protein and lots of non-starchy vegetables, avoiding the potato.

Treat yourself

  • You should be able to complete the Be Fit Food meal programs without treating yourself too often. However, if you are on the programs long-term (more than 8 weeks) you are going to treat yourself once in a while
  • Choose what it is you would like to splurge on- a main, meal, a dessert, wine?
  • This will hopefully prevent any chance of a downward spiral occurring. You want to enjoy your treat but not overindulge to the point in which all of your hard work goes to waste.
  • Choose one treat, and limit the treat. You’ll love yourself for it the next day!


  • Choose your drinks wisely. Water, sparkling water, black tea or coffee, kombucha or diet soft drink.
  • If you are having alcohol, you can try to have your lower carbohydrate and lower sugar options such as vodka, lime and soda, or gin, lemon and soda.
  • If you’re a beer lover, there are usually low carb beers available.
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