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How does Be Fit Food assist with diabetes management?

How does Be Fit Food assist with diabetes management?

Dietary intake is a key contributing factor in weight management and blood glucose control of Diabetes Mellitus (DM).

Be Fit Food’s range of meals are low in carbohydrate, whilst moderate in healthy fats and high in protein.

Our weekly meal programs can potentially change the way your body stores and uses energy, improving blood sugar level management as supported by the science from the CSIRO Low Carb Diet.

Our Be Rapid meal program is designed to induce mild nutritional ketosis, a state in which the body burns stored body fat for energy instead of carbohydrates or glucose. A person on the ketogenic diet gets most of their energy from fat, with very little of the diet coming from carbohydrates whilst Be Fit Food is a modified keto diet so carbs are restricted and protein and fats are both increased.  This style of eating may improve blood glucose levels whilst also reducing the need for insulin due to the reduced total calorie and carbohydrate intake. Our meals are also made from predominant Low GI ingredients therefore providing more balanced blood sugar levels.

Be Fit Food have completed a short term study to determine the impact that two-weeks of our Be Rapid meal program had on body composition and blood glucose levels in patients with Type 2 Diabetes.

Summary of our study’s findings: 

  • One week of Be Fit Food’s Be Rapid program resulted in a greater body mass loss (3.2kg average weight loss) than a self-selected diet (0.8kg average weight loss).
  • One week of Be Fit Food resulted in lower blood glucose levels (daily average, daily peak, post-prandial lunch and post-prandial dinner)
  • Significantly lower total energy and macronutrient intakes were observed on one week of BFF compared with one week of self-selected diet.

You may experience reduced blood glucose levels (BGLs) on the Be Rapid plan, and we recommend that you see your GP and/or diabetes educator or dietitian prior to commencing on the Be Rapid plan, especially for those on Diabetes medication and especially those on insulin.

We have Continuous Blood Glucose Monitors for anyone who would like to track the effects of Be Rapid on their blood glucose levels. Contact us at for more information!

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