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Calorie Controlled Meal Plans

Designed by a team of doctors and dietitians, our calorie controlled programs are designed for rapid weight loss, or weight maintenance.

Our programs are based on scientific evidence and is used by weight loss clinicians around the world.


Calorie Controlled Meal Bundles

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting
8 days

Our Intermittent Fasting program is an assortment of 16 meals and 7 snack.

Designed to provide you with two days per week of a very low-calorie diet over a four week period; an intake of approximately 500 calories per day.

1000 calorie diet

1000 Calories
7 Days

Our 1000 Calorie program follows a low-carbohydrate and nutritionally complete approach.

By reducing the carbohydrates in your diet, you also reduce the amount of refined, processed and sugary foods you consume each day.

1200 calorie diet

1200 Calories
7 Days

Our 1200 Calorie Program is suitable for gradual weight loss and management. 

This programs has a more flexible eating approach while still providing nutritious meals and cutting out sugary, refined foods.